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Transpersonal Band Therapy: Coaching You to Success

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Leesa began , Singing “Where is love” at age 4 at a Pow wow. She studied theatre and film at Northwestern. She was deeply influenced by Jungian analyst, Lee Roloff who brought Jungian Psychology and performance together. Leesa has became a professional actress in SAG/AFTRA while still at Northwestern, singing major jingles and acting in commercials, some televisions and film. She interned while in college for Norman Lear’s Tadem productions, performed in many theatre productions. she wrote her first play, At northwestern’s Playwrights group, When Parallels Touch, produced at The Writer’s Theatre in NYC. Her musical in which she wrote book, music and lyrics and performed in, MOTHER ME THERAPY was produced at THE CHERRY LANE THEATRE in New York City in 2008. Leesa was in a number of bands in NYC AND LA, namely Black and Blonde, Maverick and SK.LOVER. She worked in the music business to support her songwriting and singing, at first at Studio City for a management company, MCA records in music video promotion, Worked in film music at Guber Peters and Peter Afterman’s Inaudible productions. She discovered Music therapy and got her masters in 1990 at NYU, a way to be performing, songwriting and healing. Since 1990 she was certified in music therapy, Went on to work at many hospitals and run a lab for abused children which came from her first experience in field work at Olive Crest homes for abused children in Riverside CA.. She performed at The Roxy and At My Place, The Bitter End in NYC.

She wanted to to get her doctorate in a program where she could focus on Jungian Psychology. She received her doctorate in 1997, She studied with Michael Conforti, of The Assisi institute, who was on her research committee. Leesa went on to work at many Children’s and General Medical Hospitals on the east and west coast, working in ICU, Oncology, Maternity and hospice. Spa and Integrative Health programs like Canyon Ranch where she counseled and lectured. She has gone on to integrate Wellness experience and education in the entertainment industry with her vast health and healing experience.

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Leesa Sklover Ph.D., LPC, MA-MT, CRC, C-IAYT, IKYTA, E-RYT-500, Founder of Sklover LoveLife Productions LLC, A creative trailblazer in the integrative health field and the music industry, since her work at Canyon Ranch Spa Lenox for 12 years lecturing, coaching , counseling launching unique complimentary therapies in music health to the spa industry. Leading workshops on spiritual, relational and integrative health. Leesa integrates eastern philosophy, Jungian Psychology, Satir Family oriented influence. Her research and experience blends., neuroscience and creativity, relationship health, spiritual inquiry, and success in work and lifestyle.

She focuses on healthy relationships and experience at home, work, and the music industry, transitions throughout the lifespan, a gift of experience. As a licensed counselor she has practiced over 25 years. As a speaker, consultant, kundalini yoga teacher, certified yoga therapist, and music/sound healer, performer, she has provided rich experiences for all who experience her events. Her masters research was on music therapy with abused children, Her doctoral research combined neuroscience, post traumatic stress and integrative therapies.

Her See Me As I Am project is aimed at diversity training and social justice programing that is possible online with innovative design to capture the imagination and create healing and community.

Shine Performance Consulting brings wellness, performance and relational health to creative artists and executives in the music industry.She worked at MCA records in music video production and Inaudible and Guber Peters in film music. With artistic and music industry experience she is ideal to coach the music industry through challenges with her Band Therapy program.

Environmental activism focuses on the soundscape of the ocean and support of Cetaceans ( Whale/ dolphin) in the wild. A Board member of the cetacean society international over 10 years. Her eco music and writing supports awareness for lone cetaceans and the ocean soundscape. She bridges her music experience and research with her interest in whale dolphin communication and human/ whale neurology.

As a singer songwriter, sacred music artist, film composer, Leesa has created in, jingles, film music, mainly on themes of environmental activism, love and social justice. As writer, speaker, creative visionary, ocean activist, she offers her unique blend of insights for a full and healthy life. Leesa works in CT offices, online providing telehealth and education programs to the music/entertainment industry, First responders ( FIre Fighters) , consulting in the US or Internationally for organizational support. Transformational programming turns crisis into opportunities for many organizations. She brings goodness to life.

"It's your birthright to be happy."

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Listen to 'See Me As I Am' now

The See Me As I Am is a podcast & podbabees to uplift and soothe, highlighting healers, creative artists and environmentalists you want to know.

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Listen All of Leesa Sklover's Musical Singles, Albums and EPs.

Healing Work Title

Design the program you desire with Leesa.

  • - Counseling for Adults, Children, Couples
  • - Self Transformation Coaching Package-3 90 minute (Vitality, Dream -Goal, Relationships)
  • - 1:1 Music/Sound Healing
  • - Yoga Therapy
  • - 1:1 Kundalini Yoga
  • - Shamanic Healing Journey
  • - Vocal Performance Coaching
  • - Music Meditation Training
  • - Crisis Consulting
  • - Sandplay (online and in office)
  • - Family/Business Consulting
  • - Band Therapy Shine Performance Wellness For the Entertainment Industry
  • - Family Therapy/Couples Therapy
  • - Pre Natal /Post Natal Health and Healing
  • - Habit Cessation
  • - Self Transformation Education-(3- 90 minute sessions)
Keynote Speaking, LECTURES & Workshops

Programs specially designed for events, conferences, workshops and corporate presentations designed for your program. Design your program with Leesa's Wisdom and song.

  • - Archetypal sound and symbol
  • - Couple Communion
  • - Corporate Communion
  • - Relationship Coaching - Dyad health in Work and home- Couples, Work Relationships, Parent child, Friends
  • - The Creative Gift
  • - Dreamsculpting
  • - Archetyoal Sound and Symbol /Sounding Your Soul
  • - Transformational Business Tools
  • - Relationshipping in to Success At Work
  • - Love Tools - A Romantic Reboot for couples
  • - The Creative Gift for Self and Other
  • - Self Care For The Creative Soul - Health for Creatives
  • - Mantra Medicine- Yoga Therapy for health and Healing home and office
  • - Mothering Ourselves- Look at how we mother ourselves and the archetype of the Mother in our lives
  • - Interspecies Communication through Music
  • - Mind Spa - Heal your mind Heal your life
  • - Outside Inside- Eco Therapy- Elemental Healing
  • - Soundscape Activism- Listen to the sea
  • - Conscious Service for the world
  • - Vitality, Love and Service- The core Triangle
  • - How To Create your World Family
  • - Respect and Effectiveness
  • - Listening To Self, Other, World
  • - Manifest- vibrate what you create
  • - Beloved Leadership
  • - Healthy Love Relationships
  • - Inner Song- Voice workshop
  • - Chanting in the mystical traditions
  • - Poetry and Songwriting Therapy

"No matter physically, mentally or spiritually, your growth is my priority."

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Past Clients and Events

Leesa has presented as keynote and speaker for many conferences and organizations. She also serves as a crisis consultant for many corporations as well through the EAP programs.


Leesa attended Northwestern University for Theatre and added Film and TV to her program, (though not supposed to be done, she did). She received her masters at New York University in Music Therapy, first beginning study at Cal State Long beach after seeing a chapter on music therapy in a gerontology class at UCLA. She began her music therapy study in 1988 and was certified in 1990, practicing for almost 30 years. Her research with abused children began at Olive Crest homes and into a Music Technology lab at NYU for children from the foundling hospital in NYC. She worked many years in hospitals and programs as a music therapist at St Raphael’s and St. Mary’s hospital for Children She gained her doctorate from Union University, in philosophy with a specialization in Clinical psychology. sub focus Clinical Behavioral Medicine and Analytical Psychology.

Leesa is an internationally certified Yoga Therapist and certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, having studied with Tej Khalsa and Guru Dharam. She studied acting at Northwestern, influenced by the interpretive literature work of Lee Roloff and Frank Galati, studied acting in New York with Warren Robertson and Herbert Berghoff. She got certified as an end of life doula with Henry Fiske.

Shamanic Mystical Judaism training with Gershon Winkler, trained with David Johnson in Native American Shamanism and others in Peruvian shamanism. Training and certifications in hypnotherapy, past life regression with Brian Weiss MD, and countless other things that add up to her many interests.

She has done Couples training programs in Imago, Gottman, PAIRS , and most recently A support program for therapist’s with Esther Perel. Leesa has been studying and applying Sand play therapy has added that to her work with adults and children. Most Significantly influenced by the friendship, supervision and company of a few great Therapists, friends and musical artists.

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